BUSINESS ADVISORY CORPORATE At Crossgrove & Associates, we understand that what you’re seeking is simply sound advice. Whether it is related to finances, or operations, or how to grow the business, you desire a trusted advisor who knows and understands both your business and your challenges. We take that role very seriously. TRUST & ESTATE PLANNING PERSONAL At Crossgrove & Associates, we understand that dealing with taxes upon death and estate planning are crucial activities in a person’s life. You can trust us to handle your needs in a professional and efficient manner. We will help alleviate the burdens of planning and completing necessary tax filings that occur upon death and we offer a wide range of services to meet those needs. TAX PLANNING CORPORATE We are committed to ensuring you are positioned to provide the best wealth preservation and the most efficient tax structure. We pay attention to your status on a yearly basis, listen to your concerns and recommend best practices for the best corporate structure for your situation.

We believe that selecting the right financial services firm is paramount to the financial success of any person or organization.

Crossgrove & Associates believes in building relationships with our clients, and we view these relationships as partnerships. Our service is founded on the commitment, dedication and professionalism of our people. We strive to service our clients by adhering to our own standard of excellence. Our business philosophy is to partner with our clients to provide them with the highest quality of services by implementing practices of nothing less than excellence as a firm standard.

We Save Your Time and Money.

Our Services

Financial Planning

We will work through the process to identify your needs, goals and strategy, and put your plan into action

Business Services

As a business owner, you must know all tax pitfalls, that’s why our business planning department is working for you

Personal Wealth Planning

We’ll find the solutions you need to boost your financial life today and make the most of your cash resources

Estate & Trust Planning

Delivering premium quality and comprehensive Estate & Trust Planning services is one of our highest priorities

Tax Advisory Services

We are ready to provide you with up-to-date tax information online, by phone, or during personal meeting

Year-End Tax Planning

Using proper tax planning, our professionals will teach you how to pay less tax and receive optimal returns

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